Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to Overcome Hard Stuff: Keep Paddling

One of my first dragon boat races with the Mighty Women.

Nine years ago, I was a sad woman who was approaching 50 and feeling worn out and used up. I wondered whether I’d ever be happy again. I didn’t dare dream of leading an adventurous, joyful life.

Six years ago, when I was unemployed and broke, I became a Mighty Woman paddling a dragon boat with bold, gutsy women who are unafraid to challenge themselves physically. They welcomed me onto their dragon boat and encouraged me to keep paddling. Becoming a Mighty Woman changed my attitude, my body and the trajectory of my life.

Today, I’m a Mighty Mountain Woman living in a 323-square-foot tiny home-camper with the Mountain Man and two ferel cats in wild Eastern Oregon. Ten years ago, I never dreamed this would be my life. How could I have dreamed up a life this unconventional? This weird, wild and wonderful?

Has this transformation been an easy one? Definitely not! Overcoming life’s obstacles requires persistence, resilience and boldness to keep paddling forward, even when you can’t see a clear path through the obstacles blocking your path toward your goal.

If you're like any other human being, you'll encounter challenges, difficulties and setbacks your entire life. It's best to not freak out about the hard times. Accept the challenges--and then learn how to overcome them. 

Here's my advice to overcoming life's hard stuff: Don’t give up. Keep moving forward. Keep looking for ways through the debris that’s blocking your path. If the first way doesn't work, try another way. So keep paddling. You’ll eventually make it to a calm pool where you can breathe again.

Mighty Women: Paddles up! Take it away!

The Mighty Women paddling in lane one of a dragon boat race.

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